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Salt Lake City, UT
84119 - 2020

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Current MODIS Fire Detections from 2/8/2016, 4 PM MDT to 2/9/2016, 4 AM MDT

Date (GMT) Time (GMT) Satellite Longitude
Agency Admin Unit Land Cover Fire Danger County State Nearest Town Distance to Town
'02/09/16'450'T'-92.85729.795'N-A''N-A''Woody Savannas''Moderate''Cameron''Louisiana''Grand Chenier'7.4
'02/09/16'450'T'-93.87729.764'N-A''N-A''Deciduous Broadleaf Forest''Moderate''Cameron''Louisiana''Sabine Pass'2.3
'02/09/16'450'T'-92.68329.694'N-A''N-A''Deciduous Broadleaf Forest''Moderate''Cameron''Louisiana''North Island'3.4
'02/09/16'450'T'-92.83529.797'N-A''N-A''Evergreen Broadleaf Forest''Moderate''Cameron''Louisiana''North Island'8.3
'02/09/16'450'T'-100.47534.141'N-A''N-A''Open Shrublands''Moderate''Cottle''Texas''Cee Vee'5.9
'02/09/16'450'T'-100.47734.150'N-A''N-A''Savannas''Moderate''Cottle''Texas''Cee Vee'5.4
'02/09/16'450'T'-100.46434.143'N-A''N-A''Grasslands''Moderate''Cottle''Texas''Cee Vee'5.7
'02/09/16'450'T'-100.46634.152'N-A''N-A''Closed Shrublands''Moderate''Cottle''Texas''Cee Vee'5.1
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